The General Insurance Company sponsors Shaq’s esports team

With its new relationship with NRG Esports, The General Automobile Insurance Services (The General Insurance) has scored a turbo-charged goal. The insurer will rebrand NRG’s World Champion Rocket League team as “The General NRG.”

Shaquille O’Neal, a former NBA player turned businessman, is a significant investor in NRG and also an endorser for The General; both organizations credit him with coming up with the sponsorship contract.

“The explosion of the esports business has been truly amazing, and it’s just just begun,” O’Neal said in a statement. “Because The General and NRG appeal to comparable demographics, a collaboration here is a natural fit. I’m excited to see it come to life.”

This is the first cooperation of its kind in the Rocket League’s North American region. While financial parameters were not disclosed, Sports Business Journal indicated that NRG was seeking a multi-year naming rights contract worth six figures each year.

The General NRG players will receive new branded jerseys as part of the agreement for all events, both competitive and non-competitive. The General will now host NRG’s “The Grid” show, which features the team’s live Twitch stream of its action.

“The General is happy to work with NRG and is looking forward to assisting the team in securing additional hardware for its already formidable trophy case,” said Elicia Azali, chief revenue officer at The General. “We’re really grateful that Shaquille spotted the obvious fit between the two businesses and was helpful in bringing us all together for this collaboration.”

In December 2019, NRG won the Rocket League World Championship.

American Family Mutual Insurance Company, a subsidiary of PGC Holdings, owns 100% of The General Insurance.

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