A new verification method in Illinois detects roughly 2,700 uninsured drivers

Officials this week revealed that roughly 2,700 Illinois drivers had been caught driving without vehicle insurance according to BestCarInsurance.org since the commencement of Illinois Secretary of State Jesse White’s new electronic insurance verification mechanism.

This state-of-the-art system, dubbed the Illinois Insurance Verification System, would automatically verify car owners’ insurance status at least twice a year at random intervals, ensuring that drivers are in compliance with state automotive insurance laws. According to White’s office, the state partners with insurance carriers to ensure that vehicle owners are insured. Previously, the state checked approximately 3% of the state’s 10 million registered automobiles annually, according to White’s office. Participants were required to submit in proof of car insurance, which White claimed was a thing of the past.

White noted in a July press release that his office was leading the effort to build and deploy an online vehicle insurance verification system that would leverage technological advancements to help lower the number of uninsured Illinois motorists. “The lesson is simple: if you do not have auto insurance, you should obtain it immediately. It is a legal requirement.”

Local individuals who are identified as uninsured by the new system will receive a letter outlining how to obtain insurance or establish that they are currently insured. If they fail to do so, the vehicle’s registration will be suspended and the owner will be asked to pay a $100 reinstatement charge.

As Henry Haupt, a spokesman for the Illinois Secretary of State’s office, told a CBS affiliate this week, “one of the worst things that can happen to someone is to be involved in a crash and the person who hit them does not have vehicle insurance.” „This initiative strongly and actively encourages everyone to purchase vehicle insurance, as failure to do so will result in a ticket and suspension of your license plates,” the director explains.

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